We sell a lot of products for large scale log homes and cabins but we also sell kits. We sell three different log home kits ranging in prices and square footage. What does that have to do with cute little cabins? Nothing more than mentioning more products we offer and that in addition to building large scale beautiful homes, we can also build and supply for cute little cabins. We can work with you to tailored ideas and desires in your own cabin while working off the same main floorplan. Some of the reasons you would want to build a little cabin: Cute in their quaintness, DIY, mobility, obviously economical and fun! Because they are so small, in and out, it is more cost effective than building on a slab or pouring a foundation. It is also cheaper to weather proof the outside and furnish the inside. Because they are so small and you probably aren't building on a slab or foundation, unless you purchase land, it can travel wherever you do! Because of the simplistic design and non-neck breaking heights, you can usually build them yourself (with proper instruction or direction and some knowledge of construction or building is helpful)! Apparently we are not the only ones that are thinking little cabins are cute and now! Home Advisor article But in case you are having a little difficulty imagining such creations, here are a few ideas! HT cabin HT cedar siding HT cedar siding2 HT little cabin

Here are some creative uses for some of the siding we sell too!


HT cabin barn siding

 Barnwood siding

HT cabin flat siding

 Log Siding

HT cabin flat siding2 

Looks alot like our Ghostwood Siding Call us today to have your cute little cabin priced out!

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