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  • 139-3 1/10 Gal Cartridge Gun

    Albion 139-3 is a manual caulk gun capable of dispensing 10-oz. cartridges. Quality zinc chromate plating for long rust proof life New and improved version includes heavier square smooth drive...
  • 235-3 Plastic Cone Nozzle

    The Albion Plastic Cone Nozzle (#235-3) is designed for quick application to 2 in. diameter Albion bulk loading caulk guns. Convenient and inexpensive, plastic nozzles can be cut to the...
  • Osborn Brush

    This rotory brush will quickly clean and sand logs prior to sealing/staining. Features:80 grit grit-impregnated nylon fiber cup brush; Excellent for secondary prep or hand sanding; Use on variable speed...
    From $72.99
  • 25ft Tape measure

    Heavy duty grade contractor series 25' tape measure by Komelon
  • Bulk Caulk Loading Sleeve

    Makes bulk caulk loading neater and easier with the flexible loading sleeve.  With this useful tool, your barrel threads stay clean and the mess stays on the sleeve. *Less mess...
  • Ruffrider Threaded Paint Brush 6 1/2 in. Synthetic
    Sold Out

    Ruffrider Threaded Paint Brush 6 1/2 in. Synthetic

    For use with paints, stains, and waterproofing on all rough surfaces Dense, stiff body works coating into rough porous surfaces with ease For use on shakes, shingles, stucco, bricks, and...
  • Cobra Rods

    Cobra Rods prevent issues before they even start. They are necessary only in highly exposed logs and timbers that are easily prone to moisture and insect infiltration. Dual biocide of...
    From $44.39
  • Backer Pads 5" Diameter

    Backer Pad: This pad attaches to the 5/8 x 11 inch arbor (i.e., threaded end of the attachment shaft) of grinders and sanders, and holds the Grabber Pad. The rubber,...
  • Grabber Pads 5" Diameter

    Grabber Pad: This pad holds the Buffies and protects the expensive Backer Pad. Grabber Pads are used up at the rate of about 1 per every 10-20 Buffy Pads. Extremely...
  • Buffy Pads 5" Diameter

    Buffy Pad: The non-woven fabric pad that is pressed into the black plastic T hooks of the Grabber Pad- and twisted both ways to engage both legs of the hooks....
  • DL-59-T13 Qt Bulk Gun

    The DL-59-T13 is a 30oz Special Deluxe Manual Bulk Caulk Gun featuring a steel barrel, square drive rod, 1/2 in. nozzle and oiled double pistons for reliable loading and dispensing....
  • 340-3 Qt Cartridge Gun

    The choice of experts, this tool features the reliable square piston rod drive unexcelled for speed, power, efficiency and versatility. Heavy gauge zinc plated construction. Legendary durable metal carriage guns;...
  • DL-59-T13-A Qt Bulk Air Gun

    The Albion DL-59-T13A is a Single-Action Air-Powered Bulk Caulk Gun with 1 Qt Volume. It can discharge the most viscous materials such as log home caulk and chinking at high-speed...
  • 421-G01 Ring Cap

    The Albion Ring Front Cap (#421-G01) is designed to quickly attach Plastic Cone Nozzles to 2 in. diameter Albion bulk loading caulk guns. Convenient and inexpensive, plastic nozzles can be...
  • 426-G01 2in. Cap for Abion Gun

    Standard metal cap for threaded 2 in. diameter barrel sausage and bulk guns such as the DL-24, -32, -45, -59, -79 series.
  • Follow Plate Bulk Gun Adapter

    Follow plate reduces the mess of bulk loading caulk from pails. Keeps gun barrel clean and prevents air from entering gun barrel during loading.Steel plates sandwich a neoprene gasket that...
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