Timber Frame Pergolas, Pavilions, and Gazebos

Create the ultimate outdoor space

If you're looking to turn your backyard into an incredible entertaining space, adding a pergola, pavilion, or gazebo can help you make that happen. Escape from the outside world and create an oasis in your backyard. Spend time with family, friends, or just enjoy in solitude.

Timber Frame Pergolas

Pergolas have an open slatted roof allowing views of the sky. While pergolas offer some shade, it will usually be limited if the sun is directly overhead. Pergolas are great for a garden or patio and with the case of timber frame pergolas, they are a phenomenal architectural feature. One way that you can get more shade from your pergola is through the strategic use of plants that will climb the pergola and can be guided to cover all or part of the top or sides. Typically, the pergolas we do are free standing but it is possible to incorporate it into the side of a building.

Here are two renderings of potential timber frame pergolas.

The first rendering is a 16' x 8' with corner posts

The second rendering is 20' x 10'

The third rendering is 16' x 31'

Timber Frame Pavilions

Pavilions have a roof and offer greater protection from the elements. With pavilions you also have the option to do a finished ceiling or add extra features, such an outdoor ceiling fan to keep the air moving underneath if there is no breeze. Pavilions can be seen as an extension of your home so you should take certain design considerations into account. Pavilions are generally larger than pergolas as they are meant for shelter while providing clear lines of sight. This makes them popular for parks or other places that need a protected outdoor entertaining area. We also do timber frame homes and trusses!

The first rendering is a 16' x 28' King post pavilion

The second rendering is a 22' x 20' King post pavilion

The third rendering is 16' x 28' Hammer beam pavilion

Either of these will elevate your outdoor living experience and likely add value to your home. Custom sizing is available and we will work with you to come up with the right size for your outdoor space. Below you will find a gallery of timber frame jobs.

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