How to make an exterior or room look like a log cabin

Many people love the aesthetic of rustic log cabins but don’t want a full log home. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can add the rustic character of a cabin to your home or even just a room in your home, such as a man cave. Homestead Timbers offers many different products that you can use on the interior or exterior of your home to create the “log cabin” look. Our top products include Log Siding, GhostwoodTongue and Groove paneling, Rapid Railing, Log Character Posts, Old Wood Surfacing, and Adze/Appalachian siding

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How to make your exterior look like a log cabin

Did you know that you can redo the exterior of your home or cottage in log siding or Adze/Appalachian siding? This will let you keep the existing structure and simply change the appearance of the outside to that of a log cabin. This has the added benefit of allowing you to keep the interior the same or do some remodeling. We offer a few different options for log siding in Pine and Cedar. In Pine, we offer 2x6 and 2x8 siding and in Cedar, we offer 2x6, 2x8, and 3x8 siding. The smaller profile 2x6 will look the least like full logs and the 3x8 will look the most like real full logs. 

White cedar log siding 3x8

Our Adze/Appalachian siding is made from 1x12 pine that we add a hewn texture to. This creates a beautiful option for those who want a rustic wood exterior look but not the appearance of round logs. Check out this before and after transformation with our adze siding!

adze siding before

adze siding after

We have multiple corner options to choose from that can go with either of the siding choices. Our most popular corner options are solid vertical corners and butt and pass corners. For the Adze siding, the dovetail but and pass corners look incredible!

Depending on the look you're going for, our Ghostwood is a great interior and exterior product! By far our most popular colors are bannack brown and silver city in a 1x8 shiplap. 

silver city ghostwood garage

bannack brown ghostwood ceiling and faux beams

How to make a room look like a log cabin

There are many ways you can add the rustic, cabin-like feel of a log home without having to live in one. Log Siding and other products from Homestead Timbers will add this character to the interior of your house or even just partway through! Tongue and groove paneling will give any room an instant outdoorsy feel. You can use our adze siding on the interior of your home as well! Check out this picture of a log home we did.

There are also different railing options that you can choose to achieve various levels of a rustic look. From our log railing, timber railing, and Old Wood Surfacing railing. Incorporating any of these railings into the interior of your home will help make the room more log cabin-like. Below are just a few pictures of the many different options we can do. We'll custom build what you want!

As you can see, we offer many different products that you can use of the interior or exterior of you home to create a log cabin or rustic feel. Give us a call or submit a contact form with what you're looking for and our helpful staff will get back to you quickly!

The top 5 products to get a log home look:

  1. Log Siding
  2. Tongue and Groove
  3. Adze siding
  4. Old Wood Surfacing
  5. Log railing