The modern farmhouse style is one that we love here at Homestead Timbers. One of the most common interior choices with this style is "Shiplap" but we've seen a lot of confusion around it.


Traditionally, shiplap did not offer even spacing between the boards, required nailing through the face, and was usually made from low grade pine. Using shiplap to achieve a clean, consistent look would be costly and labor intensive. Shims would need to be used to consistently space the boards, the nail holes would need to be filled in, and you still wouldn't get the look you were going for. 



Today, when most people think of shiplap, this is what comes to mind.

Well, this isn't shiplap. This is our Nickel Gap Paneling, one of my favorite products we offer.

Nickel gap gets you the "shiplap" look you desire without all the headaches.


 It is cut similar to our tongue and groove paneling but cut in a way so there is a consistent gap, the width of a nickel, between the boards. This makes install very easy because you don't spend any time spacing the boards and the nails are hidden giving a clean look. Nickel gap is not as rustic as our shiplap.


Also all the boards are end matched, which makes install even easier with less waste because you don't need to end on the studs.

All of this makes Nickel Gap much faster and easier to install than traditional shiplap helping offset costs. Overall, this is a great product to add to your space and we offer it in 1x6 and 1x8 with 5 prefinished options as well as unfinished. With the range of prefinished colors we have some options to fit what you're looking for. Check out our nickel gap here:


Pros: Tongue and groove cut with end matching, no need to end on studs, no face nailing, highly consistent, the look you want, much easier install (helps save on costs)

Cons: Nickel Gap may cost more, Not as rustic as shiplap so if you’re going for a very rustic look shiplap may be a better option.