Kitchen Remodel Timeline 

Kitchen remodels are a challenging yet rewarding project for homeowners. From the initial planning phase to the execution phase there are many decisions that need to be made. From working with a range of clients, we’ve found many clients do not know the process and timeline to be expected. This blog is to help clear up any confusion around the construction timeline of your remodeling project and help you to have a better plan.

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 Kitchen Remodel

What is the average timeframe for a kitchen remodel?

In general, a kitchen remodel will take about 12 weeks to complete. However, the current timeframe is much longer. Right now, the biggest challenge with kitchen remodeling is the lead time on cabinets. Our most popular cabinet line, which has a vast range of options for you to choose from, is roughly at a 16-week lead time. We do have a couple of other options that are 2-3 week lead times but they are limited to three door options and three finish options. 

On average it will take 1-2 months to make all of your product selections, add in the lead times, it can take almost 6 months for a full remodel to go from design to a finished project. The earlier you start the process the better! If you’re planning to do a remodel in 6 months, now is the time to start! 

Below is a breakdown of the time required for different parts of the project.


Average Time Required

Clean out and prep room

1 day

Demo and clean up

1-2 days

Reframing (If needed)

2 days

Measure Cabinets

1 day

Order Cabinets

2-3 months

Electrical rough-in

2 days

Plumbing rough-in

2 days

Hang new cabinets

2-3 days

Template for and place countertops

2-3 weeks

Lay flooring

2 days

Install backsplash

3 days

Hook up electrical

2 days

Hook up plumbing 

2 days

Hook up appliances

1 day

Install trim & finishing touches

2 days

Final clean up, photoshoot

2 days

***Normally kitchen remodels can take anywhere from 10-16 weeks to complete start to finish. 

In what order do you remodel a kitchen? 

It is necessary to have your cabinets before your countertops because the template for the countertops are measured off of your installed cabinets. This ensures that you have a perfect fit and there are no gaps or spacing issues. It’s best practice to have the same professional do the measuring for your cabinets and countertops. This makes sure that they have all the information they need to successfully order your products. Once you have your cabinets and countertops in place, then it is time for your flooring as it will go around the cabinets. This also helps to make sure your flooring does not get damaged during the installation process of your cabinets or while contractors are working inside your home.