Farmhouse Nickel Gap/Shiplap

Welcome to Homestead Timbers Blog as we discuss the product comparison from premium suppliers to Home Depot for Nickel Gap.


This is Home Depot’s Farmhouse White Nickel Gap, discounted by 18% for the price of $127.09. This comes out to $3.97 per linear/ft. By no means badly priced with the discounted rate, now let's visit Homestead Timbers for comparison.


Our most similar product is the White Pine Nickel Gap in Arctic White. Priced at $3.79 per linear/ft, which is $0.18 cheaper than Home Depot even when being discounted at 18%.

Product Description

The look is very similar, giving off a smooth elegant vibe. Homestead Timber’s features a wood grain within the white, where Home Depot is painted solid white.


The main difference between these two products is when the installation begins. Our boards feature an interlocking system called end-matching. End-matching boards create little to no waste because you don’t have to cut the board to fall on a stud. Therefore, the installation process is much quicker without cutting boards, instead the boards fit snugly and securely together.


For Home Depot they don’t offer full boards with end-match interlockings. Instead they offer finger joint lumber, which large manufactures do to save their waste by combining smaller boards to make a larger one.


As for the customer you’ll likely be wasting a lot with cutting boards to match the length to a stud. The installation process will likely be slowed with the cutting and measuring, and especially slow if the house features long walls throughout the home. 

Final Review

Overall, Home Depot and Homestead Timbers price comparison is very close with Homestead Timbers being cheaper. Within the product installation the better deal becomes clear as the end-matched boards are faster and easier to install and will produce less waste.