Log Siding Comparison

We offer log siding in White Cedar and White Pine, we do not offer Red Pine. There's a few reasons behind our choices. Homestead Timbers wants to deliver the best products possible and for our siding red pine doesn't fit that bill. 

We'll break down the two we do carry, White cedar and white pine.


Natural Resistance

White Cedar has natural preservatives that make it more resistant to rot/decay and bugs. With these properties it is incredibly long lasting, especially with proper maintenance.  

White Pine isn't naturally resistant so there are preservative product that you should use to keep the wood in the best shape so it will last. There is often more maintenance than with white cedar.



This is important because wood needs to be below a certain moisture before it can be stained, otherwise you can run into all sorts of problems

White Cedar has less moisture even when it's green. This means it can be dried easier and it can be naturally air dried relatively fast compared to pines. 

Pine has a higher moisture content and is harder to dry out because of the rosin and fat that fill the knots and wood. White Pine has less than red pine but more than the cedar.


Thermal (R-Value)

White Cedar provides great insulation, with a higher R value of 1.41/inch it is one of the most insulating woods.

White pine offers an R value of 1.12/inch, still decent but won't be as high performing as the cedar.



White Cedar has better overall performance and this is reflected in the price. It generally costs more than white pine. With the better performance you may have lower maintenance costs.

White Pine will cost you less but may cost more in maintenance over time. With proper care white pine will last just like cedar.



There is no wrong option with our log sidings. We carry only what we feel confident in. To meet our customers needs, White Pine is our budget option and White Cedar is our best performance option. 

Both will provide the full log home look for significantly less than a full log home, and it can be installed on an existing home. With Homestead Timbers you get the best products, with the best service.


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