What is Montana Ghostwood?

  Montana Ghostwood is a unique product that is predominantly made from Ponderosa and Lodgepole Pine dead standing timber. More often then not the timbers are from wildfires or beetle kill, which makes it more environmentally friendly than using new wood. 

Blackfoot Ghostwood

 The timbers go through a multi-step process and are kiln dried, leaving the natural character and look of true reclaimed boards. Ghostwood is a great and affordable alternative to utilizing other reclaimed woods. One of the great advantages of this product is that the you order the size you want and it is consistent, this takes away some of the hassle and trimming that comes with using reclaimed wood.

Mixed Ghostwood


 Each piece of Ghostwood will likely be slightly different in color. Ranging from darker or lighter shades of the chosen color. This further increases its use in place of reclaimed lumber because it adds to the rustic appearance of the finished product. Unlike true reclaimed lumber, there are little to no defects or unusable boards. In comparison, usually 30-70% of reclaimed boards are unusable due to rot, splits, or defects. 


Brown Ghostwood


 Maintenance is minimal and should be treated as any other reclaimed wood project. Ghostwood will continue to weather and age if left in the elements and you are able to put a clear coat with UV inhibitors over the wood if you want. 


You can get ghostwood in square edge or shiplap profiles to fit different uses.



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 We also offer Ghostwood stain for when you cut the boards and need to finish the ends or as touch up for small spots. Since there is variation in it all the touch up stain will probably not be a perfect match. View our touch 



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Ghostwood Bannock Brown


How To Use Ghostwood


Ghostwood makes excellent accent walls or ceilings. You can also use ghostwood in custom wood projects. We make some of our track doors out of ghostwood and it adds a lot of character to the finished product.

Ghostwood Track Door


Ghostwood can also be used on the exterior of a house. So if you're looking for a rustic lumber look on the outside this is a perfect option for that. 

Ghostwood Siding


If you have any questions about Montana Ghostwood, give us a call at 616-677-5262