The Encounter

One morning Jim Bursma, founder of Homestead Timbers, found himself on an unexpected detour. On his way to the Upper Peninsula, he was asked by Homestead’s marketing to tour his home after he returned. Instead of postponing the visit, Jim graciously replied, "Well, I can do it right now!" This impromptu decision set the stage for an inspiring encounter.

A Home That Breathes Nature

As we approached Jim’s log home, it became evident that this was no ordinary house. Nestled within the woods, the home exuded an enchanting charm. The red cedar garage door and intricate burl railings were the first to greet the eye. At the entrance, a sign warmly greeted visitors: "Feel The Forest In Your Soul." This home was a testament to Jim’s ability to blend the beauty of nature with exceptional craftsmanship.

Jim shared advice on maintaining a log home. “Don’t wait; do a little bit each year to prevent the build-up of repairs,” he advised. By regularly washing of the logs, it will keep them clean and free from pollen and dirt, which discourages fungi growth. Jim also revealed the technique of laminating different sections to build up to a 12 x 12 log. This method significantly reduces maintenance costs, shrinking, and cracking, ensuring the home’s longevity and charm.

From Lumber to Dreams

Twenty-seven years ago, Jim Bursma stood at a crossroads. Initially focused on selling lumber, he envisioned something greater. "I no longer wanted to sell just lumber," he recalled. "I wanted to sell dreams." This pivotal moment marked the beginning of Homestead Timbers’ transformation into a comprehensive home needs provider.

Jim's journey from a simple sawmill operator with a John Deere tractor to now a global provider is truly inspiring. Homestead Timbers now ships to various countries and across the United States. Despite Jim departing the company in the 2000s, the company's mission remains rooted in Jim’s original vision: helping people create beautiful, sustainable homes that reflect their dreams.

Hand-Crafted Elegance

Inside Jim’s home, the attention to detail and artistry were awe-inspiring. Each piece of furniture and décor told a story, from a white cedar root chandelier to a clock fashioned from a redwood root. These hand-crafted elements showcased Jim’s dedication to blending natural beauty with human creativity. His home wasn’t just a place to live; it was a living masterpiece, resonating with the tranquility of the forest.

Jim’s approach to homebuilding is deeply personal and artistic. He believes in creating spaces that not only provide shelter but also inspire and rejuvenate the soul. His home is a reflection of this philosophy, a sanctuary where every corner speaks of the harmony between nature and craftsmanship.

The Legacy of Jim Bursma

Jim Bursma’s story is one of vision, passion, and generosity. His journey from the humble beginnings of a sawmill operator is a testament to his determination and innovative spirit. But beyond his professional success, it is his approach to life and work that truly inspires.

Jim’s commitment to excellence, his innovative methods, and his deep connection to nature have made Homestead Timbers a beacon of quality and inspiration in the industry. His legacy is not just in the homes he has helped build but in the dreams he has helped fulfill.

Thank You, Jim!