Looking to add a touch of rustic elegance to your home or office? Montana Ghostwood might be the perfect solution. Crafted to resemble reclaimed wood yet designed with modern convenience in mind, Ghostwood offers a unique blend of aesthetics and functionality. Let's delve into what makes Montana Ghostwood stand out and how it can complement your space.

What is Montana Ghostwood?

Montana Ghostwood is a certified, kiln-dried wood product designed to mimic the appearance of aged, weathered wood found in old Western buildings. It's sourced from dead standing timber, often killed by wildfires or beetles, which lends it a natural and authentic look. Available in various dimensions including 1 x 4, 1 x 6, 1 x 8, and 1 x 10 in square edge, with 1 x 8 also offered in shiplap, Ghostwood offers flexibility in design and installation.

What Colors Does Montana Ghostwood Come In?

Montana Ghostwood comes in five captivating colors: Whitewash, Blackfoot, Silver City, Bannack Brown, and Ruby River. Whether you prefer a light, airy feel or a deep, rich hue, there's a color to suit every style and decor preference. These colors can subtly change over time, enhancing the natural aesthetic of the wood depending on its exposure to UV light and weather conditions.

How Should Montana Ghostwood Be Installed?

Installation of Montana Ghostwood is straightforward but requires attention to detail. For vertical applications, blocking should be added to framing members at 16” on center for secure fastening. Nails or screws with a minimum stud penetration depth of 1 1⁄2” are recommended, with nailing starting from one end to the other to prevent splitting. Care should be taken not to nail through overlapping pieces, and joints should be joined with a 22.5 degree scarf cut for stability.

What Makes Montana Ghostwood a Sustainable Choice?

Montana Ghostwood stands out not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its sustainable sourcing. By utilizing dead standing timber that would otherwise go to waste, Ghostwood contributes to forest management efforts while offering a product that reduces the demand for fresh-cut lumber.

Complement Your Space with Montana Ghostwood

Montana Ghostwood offers the charm of reclaimed wood with the convenience of modern materials. With its range of colors and easy installation, it's ideal for accent walls, ceilings, and more.