Joe's Top 5 Steps to maintaining your log home.

Here at Homestead timbers we value sustainability and ensuring we get the longest life possible from our timber so it can be enjoyed for generations to come. Anytime you’re using natural materials preservation is important. Below are just a few tips I have to make sure your log home stays in tip top shape.

#5.  Develop a maintenance log book -  this is a great habit to create, it creates value for your home both for you and a future buy should you ever decide to sell your home.  Keeping track of annual maintenance costs from everything for the home from water softeners and hot water heaters, to staining and roofing, helps you know what to budget for and what should be covered under warranty.

#4. Wash and clean - I like to wash and clean my home at least once a year, typically in the spring.  This gives me a chance to inspect the condition of the stain and clear coat. Now if something needs touched up, it's all clean and ready to go.

#3. When in doubt ask for advice and educate yourself on the science of logs and log siding.  Homestead Timbers has a friendly knowledgeable staff that is ready to assist you!

#2.  Use quality products.  A log home is a huge investment, protect it with the best out there.  Sashco Products have been tested over and over again and again and have been proven to be the Best! See their competitive stain report here.

#1.  Design is Everything!  The world's oldest wooden structures in Japan have been dated back over 1300 years ago. They stand the test of time, not by accident, but by design. Wood needs to be protected from the elements; UV rays, rain, snow, etc.  Keep that in mind when inspecting your log home and you'll be able to find the problem areas and take care of them. Some key areas are bottom logs, and shed dormers, look for drip lines from the roof splash back, an easy fix here would be to add gutters. Also look at uncovered decks, and gable dormers if they are level with your logs or not flashed high enough with copper or aluminum, snow can build up and sit along the logs.

This was just a few tips for maintaining your log home. If you’re like us you’re passionate about log homes and want to make sure they look their absolute best, for more helpful advice or to schedule your own log home inspection, e-mail me at or call me at 616-677-5262.