Have you ever fell in love with the outside of a house, only to walk in and see wood paneling everywhere? Many people don't like the all wood look on the inside of a house. It can look dated, dull, and uninviting. You can transform the space without taking down much if any of the paneling! This helps save on costs on installing something different.

Remodeling Kitchen

You can go from this to... yes these are of the same kitchen.


Most of the paneling stayed in place too, it was just painted white to add a brighter feel and more modern touch. Add more character to subway tile by doing a herringbone, chevron, or a number of other patterns as a back splash. Reworking the space with a bar top/counter with high top chairs makes it a better place for hanging out and entertaining. 

 Remodeling Living Room

The living area needed major updating as well. With the blinds not much natural light was let in and felt closed off to the outside.

The windows were expanded and the fireplace was redone. As before the paneling was painted and then it was just cosmetics. With the new furniture and design a more modern and inviting aesthetic was created. It is amazing what can be done with remodeling. 

Remodeling Bathroom



The main places to work on were the shower/tub and the storage in the bathroom. These are fairly simple things to tackle.


The tub was taken out and the shower fixtures and area was updated. Keeping with the same style as the rest of the house the curtains and door were made green and stand out perfectly. It is amazing how much the feel of a room can change with a few coats of white paint. The vanity was also made to match the look.


The changes create a nice modern look with rustic design elements and aspects. White wash nickel gap and shiplap is very in right now and we think it is a timeless look and is a great addition to your home. 


We hope this goes to show you all that can be done if you don't love the inside of a house like you do the exterior. So if you find that perfect location and perfect exterior, don't be turned off if you don't feel the same way about the interior. There is much that can be done to remodel the space to make it exactly how you want.