Did you know, that in addition to offering a wide selection of products to assist you in building or updating your log home or cabin, Homestead Timbers through Chip Shot construction and with the help of TS Max, are able to tag and take down a timber frame and all of the barn wood from a barn and turn it into another new or current house?! There are so many other things that we can do too. With the help of our sister companies, we are able to make furniture out of the barn wood at Fence Row Furniture. We are also able to completely draw up and build a new house with current options like barn wood timbers inside, beams, ghostwood siding, log siding OR full logs, and on and on. With TS Max’s help, we can pour the footing, walls, floors and with Fence Row Furniture we can complete the house with the final touches and finishing choices like Cabinets, Countertops, Flooring, and other Interior choices.

One of the coolest things about Chip Shot is that we can also do whole barn conversions. Have you ever thought it would be truly unique and wonderful to live in a barn? All joking aside, there are some really cool aspects to barns that you just don’t find in traditional homes. If you like the look of barn wood, you can have it on every wall, one wall or no walls and only put it in with reusing the beams or frame. I’ve included some pictures of barns that have been successfully converted, so you can start imagining life in a barn. Then you can legitimately ask your children “were you raised in a barn?” anytime they leave the door open! barn conversion int2  HT barn conversion ext HT barn conversion ext2 HT barn conversion ext3 HT barn conversion ext4  HT barn conversion ext6 HT barn conversion ext7

Contact any of the companies mentioned today to start the discussion and go over what we can do for you! Click on their logo to go to their website!

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