5 Spacious Backyard Renovations


Over the last few years, being at home more has inspired people to do more with what they have. The backyard has been the most manageable place for upgrades, no matter the size. Spacious renovations are easily available to upgrade your relaxing life at home. 

1. Pergola

These pergolas are perfect for backyard renovations like a bar, hot tub, and porch seating.

A pergola is a great outdoor entertainment renovation to bring everyone together. It should be combined with another renovation to get the full experience. Cedar wood is the main type of wood to use as it is highly resistant to rot damage and termites due to natural resin.

Crafting a seating area with lights accenting the space is wonderful for relaxation and conversation. For activities, a hot tub is a no-brainer with easy DIY design of a pathway, rocks, and plants your backyard may be unrecognizable.

2. Decking

Kebony Decking is an essential choice for decking as it offers a smooth view.

A deck is the first part of building the perfect outdoor space, in order to have relaxing outdoor seating. When building a deck you should picture the rest of the yard even if it isn’t there, like a hot tub or pool. 

Pictured above is our Kebony product, which contains a swollen and stable cell wall similar to Tropical Hardwoods. It’s resistant to splintering, warping, and cupping. Another option that looks gorgeous year after year is the Fiberon Composite Decking because it's formulated to last combining recycled wood & plastic

3. Outdoor Kitchen 

Outdoor Kitchens are a great gathering spot, also perfect for trusses and paneling.

The best ideas usually involve food, and that's why the outdoor kitchen is a must for relaxation and enjoying the outdoors. It feels like a restaurant without the crowd and noise, and you could easily add a bar with a polished wood slab. 

A timber frame at the face of your pavilion allows the space to be open and creates an irresistible dining space. The perfect entertainment center to get out of the house, without leaving home.

4. Water Feature

It is always good to have a water feature in your backyard to add character to the location.

The water feature does not have to be a hot tub, but it should be visually pleasing, like a rain shower or a pond less waterfall/fountain. Water is naturally relaxing whether it be the sound or feel it provides a calm presence. The hot tub is the most popular piece as it provides visual appeal as well as an activity to do.

5. Firepit 

Outdoor entertaining areas can be decorated with mantels, pergolas, and so much more.

The main importance with a firepit is everyone being close and comfortable. Create circle seating or a pergola is a beautiful stand to hang cozy chairs from. Using wooden beams for benches is a quicker approach to assembling your firepit. 

Backyard Renovations

Improvise your space to accommodate your lifestyle. Don’t let your backyard just be for mowing, add some of these vital renovations in order to give your backyard the life it deserves. Shop Homestead Timbers for Pergolas, Pavilions, Decking and more!