Shiplap Paneling

A fast growing trend and an alternative to the tongue and groove paneling. Shiplap has a square edge rather than a V shaped groove. It consists of simple interlocking pieces, where the top and bottom of each board is milled with a rabbet joint to form a flat square edge. Many people use a nickel or penny to create a gap between the boards to create a specific look. At Homestead Timbers we offer shiplap paneling in our Premium White Pine and our Ghostwood.


Premium White Pine

Our Premium White Pine is a large native to the Eastern North American White Pine. It’s a Premium grade because they choose the best looking wood for each board piece. This means there are less rough knots and less imperfections. We want to offer the best quality boards to make your home look top notch. At Homestead Timbers we have our Premium White Pine Shiplap Paneling available in 1″x 8″. It can be stained, painted to any color, or even finished with a clear coat. The options are endless, and it’ll look beautiful any way you decide to use it.

Price: $1.33 per lineal foot.

Ghost Wood

Our Ghost Wood also comes in the shiplap style. To know more about this product you can go to our Ghost Wood tab to learn more about the different color and texture options.


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