Old Wood Surfacing

Reclaimed lumber, despite all of its beauty and story, can be difficult to work with at times, which is something we know from being immersed in this industry for years. We knew there had to be another way to get all of the beauty of reclaimed wood without the hassle, which we found with Old Wood Surfacing (OWS).

OWS allows you to get the old-school textures you love on new lumber that is both structural and easy to work with. We have the ability to get (3) different textures on several species of wood including Eastern White Pine, Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Oak, and more. You can get these textures on anything from a 1x4 all the way up to a 12x12 depending on availability.

This texture can be applied to any project, whether it is a boxed beam, textured wall, or timber frame truss system. The options are endless and we are looking forward to educating you on all of the benefits of OWS texturing. Material is highly custom and done on a "per job" basis, so please call for current pricing and availability.

(Old Wood Surfacing Textures: Weather Aged Heavy (Left), Antique Hand-Hewn (Center), and Weathered Light Circle-Sawn (Right))
(Box Beam Done with Antique Hand-Hewn Texture)
(Timber Frame Truss System Done in Antique Hand-Hewn Texture)
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