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Log siding is one of our flagship products and something we take great pride in. We offer it in unfinished and pre-finished options. We purchase only the finest quality timber from a select group of suppliers around the country in hopes that we can supply the best log siding in Michigan and the Midwest. We’ve learned that being this picky guarantees a consistent grade of log which enables us to produce siding that is strong, beautiful and uniform throughout the project. Building loyalty with our timber providers enables us to receive special quantity pricing which we then pass along to our customers. This creates a win-win-win opportunity for them, us and our customers.

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Starting with quality timber is important, but finishing into exceptional log siding is what Homestead Timbers does the best. All of our log products are kiln dried, then milled with a tongue & groove and end-matching system making installation easy and keeps product waste to a minimum. We offer a range of different siding profiles to fit any budget and project. We offer log siding in both smooth face and hewn. We also offer pre-staining to improve coverage and reduce the amount of work you need to do after putting it up. We have cedar and white pine options. The main differences between the two are price and performance. Cedar will give you a better performance at a premium price. Where white pine is the more economical option we have.

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To match our log siding we have a few different corner and trim options. If you're going for the classic log cabin look then our butt and pass corners are the option you want. We offer them in square and round profiles. Another Classic option is dovetail corners which offer a unique craftsmanlike beauty. If you're going for a more clean modern look then the solid vertical corners would be your best option. We have inside corners if you are putting it inside of your home or cabin for an accent or you want the full log look inside. For trim we offer a few different sizes to match the size of logs you have. We have 2x5", 2-3/4x5", and 3x4" "D" Trim. You will use the trim for your windows and doors.

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