Ghost Wood Barn Siding

Reclaimed barn wood character with new barn siding performance?

Montana Ghostwood is a great option for barn siding.

This is a unique product that has a great backstory to go with it. Ghost wood is predominately reclaimed wood from dead standing timber. This dead standing timber is either from beetle kill or forest fires. The timbers are then milled and stained to have rustic characteristics in a few different color options which are all perfect for barn siding. If none of the color options are what you're looking for, you can get the unfinished and customize it to your liking!

We offer Ghost wood in:

1x4", 1x6", 1x8", and 1x12"

Ghost wood Barn siding

The Color Options

The story behind it..

Montana Ghostwood was born out of necessity to provide an easier to work with, more economical, and green alternative to true reclaimed wood. Ghostwood is also a nod to history as the colors (Aside from whitewash, which is custom for us) are based off of ghost towns in Montana and feature names of places there. There is so much history around these names and places. Which leads into another reason behind the creation, the vandalizing and stealing of wood from the ghost towns in Montana. Having ghost towns that are still standing provide great historic value and are a part of our counties history. If you have the time, I recommend heading over to and clicking on any of the colors for some history behind each one.

Ghost wood Barn Siding on House
Ghost wood siding house

Not only is this perfect barn siding but it is also great house siding. Also important to note is that Ghost wood can be used as an interior option as well. We sell track doors made out of Ghost wood but if you're looking for wall coverings, or even add accent to a ceiling area, this product fits the bill. We have done a lot of custom things with Ghost wood for our customers as well, such as making beams out of it. So if you're looking for barn siding, accent walls, track doors, or have an idea of your own, Click the button below to contact us!

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