How do I figure out how much material I need?

We price everything in lineal footage, which can be easily calculated when you know your square footage and the coverage your material provides. We have made it simple with a conversion chart (pictured below) for all of our signature lumber items. Simply take your desired square footage and multiply it using our multiplier to figure out your lineal footage or give our sales team a call to assist you through the process.



Do you do restoration/repair of damaged siding or can you recommend someone who does?

We carry the most dependable, longest lasting restoration/repair products on the market and work with some of the best in the business when it comes to log home repair/re-finishing. We can help you from A-Z.


Do you have home packages/house plans/ designs available?

Yes, although our packages are not cookie cutter designs. We have basic prints you can start with and customize or we can start from scratch with a plan of your own. We will work with the DIY-er, your builder, or other log home/home companies.


Do you have reclaimed barn wood?

Yes, we have a substantial reclaimed wood inventory, which can change weekly. Stop by or call for our most current selection. If we do not have it in stock, we can most certainly locate something for you.


Do you make custom furniture?

Yes, we have a cabinet and furniture shop onsite that specialize in custom barn wood cabinets, furniture, and barn-style track doors.


Why does my Montana Ghostwood Bannack Brown Stain Look Gray?

In addition to being a stocking dealer of the wonderful Montana Ghostwood product, we also carry touch-up stain in all of our stock colors. Keep in mind that this stain is for touch-ups and customers should NOT expect to get the exact same look as a factory-finished product. Applying multiple coats of stain and allowing an appropriate amount of drying time between coats will lead to a darker product. Below is a picture of Silver City (Left) and Bannack Brown (Right) after being heavily stirred.


Do you provide delivery or shipping services?

We absolutely do and we do the very best we can to get you the best possible rates, whether it be using UPS/USPS, our personal truck and trailer, or a third party freight company on an LTL (Less Than Full Truckload) basis. We have sent everything from stain to Hawaii to a half log stairway to Florida.

When we take loads ourselves, we charge $2.75 per mile one way from our warehouse in Marne, Michigan to the job site. If the trip is longer than a day's drive, additional charges apply.

For UPS/USPS or LTL's, the rate is given to us by those companies based on the dimensions and weight of the load. You are always more than welcome to pick up direct from us as well (Michigan state sales tax applied).

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