Decorative Posts

Rustic Posts / Columns

Flare bottom posts and unique rustic logs add the ultimate character to porches and railings of log homes. We stock these types of unique logs and posts to help you create a one of a kind log home.

Unique Logs

Spruce log burls and other log oddities of nature create real conversation pieces.

Hollowed Cedar Posts

• Wood Post Wraps for Square or Round Steel Post
10″x 8′ white cedar posts that are hallowed out to go around a 4″ steel post
Generally used in basements
Posts can be made shorter or longer
Pictures can be carved and/or painted onto these posts or 4′ railing posts.

Custom Hand Carvings for Post and Mantles

Yes, you can order painted hand carvings to be placed on rustic posts, post wraps, or posts for railings. Every image is hand drawn so no two images are exactly alike. If you email us custom images, we’ll have to check with our artist to see if he can place that image on a post / railing.
NOTE: Custom images may cost more. contact us for details.


$118.44 - $411.99 depending on size and type.


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