White Cedar half log siding

One of the wood siding products we offer is half log Cedar siding. The best part about half log siding is that it practically looks exactly like full log construction. If you're wanting the real log home look than this is your best option. Our log siding is kiln dried to be in between 6-15% moisture content.

Cedar provides the best performance in terms of insulation, weather resistance, bug resistance, and overall longevity. However, this does come at a premium price but with log siding you also need to take into account maintenance. White cedar generally will take less maintaining than white pine due to their natural properties.

Northern White Cedar half log siding stacked up in Grand Rapids, MI warehouse

Smooth Cedar Half Log Siding

A smooth face log siding is going to offer you a more modern look and in the thinner 2x6" White Cedar Log Siding it will provide a less rugged look while still offering some rustic character. Many of our customer opt to use this one the exterior of a shed or other accessory buildings for its affordability and look. Below is an image of our 2x6 profile so you can see how it looks. Note: The "Stack height" is under 6" because of the tongue and groove going together. We also have the capability to match some other profiles on a special order basis.

2x6 White Cedar Log Siding Profile

Hewn Cedar Half Log Siding

We offer our siding in both hewn face and smooth face. The hewn face will offer a more authentic look that many of our customers are looking to achieve. We generally prefer hewn face log siding for the added texture and authentic look it provides but we have options to meet the needs and preferences of our customers. Our most popular option is our 3x8" White Cedar Log Siding for the real look it offers.



3x8 White Cedar Log Siding Profile

Featuring tongue and groove for easier install this is very DIY friendly. We even offer it with end-matching to reduce your waste and make your project go smoother. Many of our customers are using it to change the appearance of their cottage, hunting cabin, shed, or garage. It comes unfinished but can be special ordered with a pre-finishing to ensure maximum stain coverage and consistency. Left unfinished cedar will age to be a silvery grey color. We offer a range of Log Corner and Trim options to go with your siding to have a nice consistent look for your project.

White Cedar Half log siding 3x8
White Cedar 3x8

Interior Cedar Log Siding

Our natural cedar log siding can also be used on the interior of your home to add warmth and beauty! Adding it inside will really show off that rustic cabin feel - perfect for bedrooms, lofts, or the man cave! You could even leave them unfinished or add a low/no VOC stain or interior clear coat, the choice is yours. We have some customers that choose to use it on the exterior and on potions of the interior of their homes. This offers the benefits of being able to have a traditionally built house but choosing where you want the log home look. You could do the exterior and living room in log siding with a pine paneling ceiling and then do drywall and paint throughout the rest of the house. This offers the best of both worlds!

White Cedar Half Log Siding Interior use in our showroom, located in Marne just off I96

Cedar sourced from Michigan

We source our White Cedar products from right here in Michigan. In the northern regions of Michigan there are cedar swamps that are prevalent and we work with many individuals to source and cut the raw materials we need for our products. There are unique challenges when it comes to getting into and harvesting the trees out of the swamps. This is one of the multiple reasons that cedar is generally more expensive than pine.

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