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  • Buffy Pads 5" Diameter

    Buffy Pad: The non-woven fabric pad that is pressed into the black plastic T hooks of the Grabber Pad- and twisted both ways to engage both legs of the hooks....
  • Backer Pads 5" Diameter

    Backer Pad: This pad attaches to the 5/8 x 11 inch arbor (i.e., threaded end of the attachment shaft) of grinders and sanders, and holds the Grabber Pad. The rubber,...
  • Grabber Pads 5" Diameter

    Grabber Pad: This pad holds the Buffies and protects the expensive Backer Pad. Grabber Pads are used up at the rate of about 1 per every 10-20 Buffy Pads. Extremely...
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