Homestead Timbers is a custom luxury log home builder serving the Michigan, Ohio, India, Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee area. We are able to make your dream log home become a reality. From our knowledgeable staff and our hands on approach, we can help you from start to finish. We meet with each customer one on one to find out what your dream log home consists of. From there we make sure to incorporate all those things and more into a floor plan that lets you do more than live in your home, you can love you home. Our design team can capture the all the big things you know you love, but also bring to life all the small things most don’t think about. With our vast knowledge of construction as a log home builder, our specialty lumber knowledge and interior design services, our team has over 100 years of combined experience in the log home building industry. If your looking to build your custom log home, look to Homestead Timbers to create your custom luxury log home!

A log home or log cabin revives your pioneering spirit and immerses you in nature’s beauty within your own home. Over the years log homes and log cabins have transformed from a makeshift dwelling into the ideal residence. From energy efficiency to the natural warmth of tongue & groove paneling, a log home or log cabin is limited only by your imagination. At Homestead Timbers we supply all of your log home and log cabin building needs such as log siding, log railing, and tongue and groove paneling, as well as interior doors, exterior decking, antler chandeliers, tongue and groove paneling, and many other products to further customize any home.

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