Tongue & Groove Ceilings

If you want a dramatic finish to your home or cabin, a ceiling made from tongue and groove lumber is perfect.

Our 1”x6” and 1”x8” Eastern White Pine, Red or White Cedar tongue and groove paneling is used as ceiling material as well as our 2” x 6” Decking. Our tongue and groove ceiling lumber is finished on both sides giving you a great look and feel plus options for a beveled board or flat finish. The 2”x 6” Decking planks are made from the finest Lodgepole pine wood available giving you a product that is virtually free of bark and wane. The tongue has been cut to snugly fit into the groove of the adjacent board providing a strong and consistent fit. The 2” thickness provides a ceiling that adds structural integrity and prevents warping and sagging.

Why a Tongue and Groove Ceiling is right for you

  • Customized look – Finished on both sides for beveled or flat finish.
  • Perfect fit – We manufacture the tongue and groove for easy installation and snug fit.
  • Pre-finished Option – Save time with our pre-finished tongue and groove ceiling. We use only the finest coatings providing the most durable of finishes.
  • No order is too small or too big – We pride ourselves on being able to fit your need.

Now Available in Eco-Green Water-based finish

Homestead Timbers tongue and groove ceiling panels are kiln dried and available in:

1×6 Knotty White Pine Paneling

  • WP-4 Face-Beveled Edges
  • Tongue and Groove
  • Beaded Back
  • End Matching Available
  • Unfinished or Pre-finished

1×8 Knotty White Pine Paneling

  • WP-4 Face-Beveled Edges
  • V Groove Back
  • Tongue and Groove
  • End Matching Available
  • Unfinished or Pre-finished

Fresh ceiling panels are always in stock.

Pine Tongue & Groove Ceiling
1 x 6 White Cedar or 1×6 Red Cedar

  • Beautiful paneling available both in raw or pre-finished form.
  • End matched paneling is available.

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