Kebony Decking

What is Kebony?

Kebony is an exciting new product Homestead Timbers is proud to offer. With a revolutionary organic modification of wood, Kebony has created an aesthetic, strong, and durable solution to tropical hardwood species. Unlike tropical hardwood decking and cladding, Kebony is 100% environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Kebony starts with the selection of the highest grade of sustainably harvested wood species. Then, through a process named Kebonization, Kebony is impregnated with a biobased fluid changing the woods cell walls resulting in greatly improved durability and dimensional stability.

The final step is heating the material to cure the fluid and wood together at the molecular level completing the process which reduces shrinking and swelling by nearly 50% while increasing the density making it harder than untreated wood. The end product is a beautiful alternative to the traditional tropical hardwood decking you often see around pools, docks, and other landscaping features. Kebony, left untreated, will age into a beautiful silver patina, shown below.



Kebony offers you:

  • • Maintenance free life cycle
  • • Dimensional Stability
  • • High Compression Strength
  • • Strong Resistances against decay, fungi, insects and other microorganisms
  • • Non-Toxic
  • • High Durability
  • • Cost Effective
  • • Lasts three times as long as typical pressure treated lumber

Possible Uses for Kebony:

  • • Marine Applications
  • • Residential, Public and Commercial Building Exteriors
  • • Roofs
  • • Walls
  • • Cladding
  • • Deck / dock, public space planking
  • • Outdoor furniture

Wood Species Maximum Movement % Hardness Durability
Kebony Radiata 4 Hard Very Durable
Kebony Maple 6 Very Hard Very Durable
Kebony SYP 5 Hard Very Durable
Kebony Scots Pine 6 Hard Very Durable / Durable
Massaranduba 6-11 Very Hard Very Durable
Ipe 6 Very Hard Very Durable
Teak 4-6 Hard Very Durable
Bangkirai 11 Very Hard Durable
Iroko 6 Hard Durable
Garapa 4-8 Hard Durable
Oak 4-6 Hard Durable
Red Cedar 8 Soft Durable
Siberian Iarch 7 Soft Durable / Moderately Durable

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