We love old reclaimed barn wood, but we also like options. So we decided to give you some- We are super excited to announce the newest addition to the Homestead Timbers family, Montana Ghost Wood!

"What is that?" you're thinking to yourself.

Well THAT, my friends, is our newest line of reclaimed wood, and we are the ONLY retailer of this brand on the east side of the country! Ghost Wood is reclaimed from Mother Nature, meaning these boards come from standing dead beetle kill or forest fire timber. The are 'eco-friendly' in the sense that they don't use living trees for their products. They clear dead areas for new life to grow and thrive,when the dry wasting wood was occupying the space. This wood, although "new" in the sense that it is recently cut into boards, is given that "aged" weathered look to give it that old world feel. Ghost Wood  has intentionally been designed to change color as time goes on depending on location and exposure with the ultimate goal to mimic the mottled appearance of old, unmaintained buildings you would see in ghost towns. 

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The benefits of using Ghost Wood is that there is little to no maintenance, as is with most reclaimed wood. You can get the exact cut and size you want since these boards are made and not found, which also gives you the added bonus of very little to no defects. Ghost Wood products resemble the look of reclaimed wood and a reduced cost compared to reclaimed barn wood! You also get the option  to choose your color finish and textures!!! The colors you can choose from are

You can choose your textures including: Weathered, Circle Sawn Weathered, and Hand Hewn. The possibilities are endless with this new arrival! I am in love with these products and cant wait to see all the beautiful homes and furniture made out of this!