Reclaimed barn wood walls are all the rage, but the difficulty of cleaning the old boards, de-nailing them, and making them straight and easy to install, makes it almost impossible. Barn wood walls are gorgeous but also require a lot of work. We all desire a rustic statement piece but many of us don’t have the knowledge or time in order to achieve it.

At Homestead Timbers we sell a lot of reclaimed barn wood and noticed it was difficult trying to figure out how many boards our customers needed to buy for their space and how they were going to install them. We came up with the idea to take some of our reclaimed barn wood and eliminate all of the prep work for you. Versawood was then created! No more adding up the lengths and widths to figure out how many boards you need, no more cleaning, or de-nailing, or cutting. It’s all done for you.

We have packaged a set amount of square-footage in each box in order to make determining how much you need easier. We have also cleaned, de-nailed, and have made the end and sides straight.

The boards come in varying lengths, widths, and thicknesses since it is real reclaimed barn wood. To read more specifically about the products features click here.

Versawood makes creating a beautiful barn wood wall simpler than ever without sacrificing the desire for 100% real reclaimed barn wood.