What you may not realize is, when your building your log home, you have the ability to choose whatever you want. You get to decide how it looks, what the layout is like, and how it will live. You get to decide every component in your new home. Not only that, but it will be state of the art; anything you would like that would be considered modern, log homes can do, sometime even better than traditional houses! 

Log cabin woods

When you think of your own log home chances are you picture it in the country, because that is what log homes are all about. Whether your home is on a hilltop, waterfront property, or among the trees in a dense woods; the country can be an enchanting, exciting place for people who may have never lived there. But the country doesn't have to be in remote sites far from the maddening bustle of the city, it can be anywhere from a little rural land in a nice cul-de-sac or resort community to the cozy small town village. Your not just committing to logs, your committing to the log home lifestyle.

Log Cabin Mountain

Log homes are made from wood, shocking I know ;) But what you may not know  is that this wood is SOLID. Logs aren't boards; in some cases, they're whole tree trunks! Every piece of wood has its own unique characteristics, these traits are what draw the people that want that look, they encompass a simpler, rustic lifestyle with all the amenities of a modern built home. When you decide to build or buy a log home, your not just getting a house, your welcoming in nature into your life, knowing that this is what makes your home so special! 

Log Cabin Neighbors

There are so many different styles and types of log homes the possibilities are really endless. You can create that country nirvana in your own home!