This post is for all the people out there who love the idea of a log home but don't want the typical "cabin" look. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love rustic homes made from straight logs and distressed hewn boards but don't think that is your only option and the only look you can get. If you take a drive or have ever been through the south-western side of our country, you might have noticed that the houses and buildings were built a little differently and one of their types of siding is called Appalachian/Adze Siding.

Entry Rustic cabin

This type of siding is made from pine and run through a machine to give it the rough look. It has a chink strip that you can add to so it has the old chink style look of the old Appalachian homes, or you can leave out the strip for an entirely different look. It is also tongue and grooved which makes it extremely versatile and can be used almost anywhere!

Adze Siding

What I like most about this style of siding is that it can be combined with almost any style or decor to give it a modern updated feel or paired with primitive designs for a more rustic look. It can be used on interiors and exteriors as well! I love this siding mixed with natural stone, it gives a real southern feel and the white trim just makes it look so classy and updated!!

And don't think that your stuck with the warm burnt colors of the south (which really, I'm a big fan of), you can go anyway you want with it from a dark almost black siding to a grey "barn wood" and almost anything between. This updated home has great curb appeal that is very eye catching! The contrasting tones and colors from the dark wood, light stone, and green roof really make it a cozy home that pops! This Appalachian siding really gives a unique texture and look that has endless possibilities.

Adze Siding and Stone

So if your looking for a "Log Home" that is a little different or unique from your typical everyday cabin in the woods, Maybe the Adze/ Appalachian siding is exactly what you are searching for! Don't be afraid to go for what you want!! You  CAN build the home of your dreams!!