Pick up some Pine Paneling for your home! Whether it’s a remodel or new build, pine paneling looks beautiful and adds a bright, fresh, rustic tone to your space. At Homestead Timbers we have both tongue and groove knotty pine paneling and shiplap premium pine paneling.

1×6 & 1×8 Knotty Pine Paneling

  • Tongue and Groove
  • Available in Square Edge or End Matched
  • Raw or Prefinished (clear coat) in stock (prefinished stain can be done if needed)
  • Sold in Random Lengths 6′-16′

End-matched makes installation easier and also puts a V-groove on the ends which is shown in the pictures above. End-matched also helps hide possible gaps because of swelling and shrinking. For more information on Tongue and Groove Pine Pine Paneling go to Homestead Timbers.com. 

1×8 Premium Pine Shiplap Paneling

  • Shiplap groove
  • Square edge on the ends
  • Unfinished in stock (Can be prefinished if needed)
  • Sold in Random Lengths 6′-16′


We chose a Premium grade of pine for our shiplap which means it has less knots and character marks than the knotty pine paneling. We chose this for our shiplap because it is often times painted and premium pine allows for a smoother surface which makes it easier for priming and painting. If you are not familiar with shiplap, the construction of the board gives a lip that makes it easier to nail to the surface and also allows the next board to overlay on top of it (demonstrated in the picture above).

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