Upcoming Design Trends

In a culture inspired by millennials, we will start seeing how they impact our living spaces. Many are forecasting a popularity in low-cost, mass produced options such as pairing metals with raw, natural material like cork, wood, and clay.

What’s In

Cork: Sustainability and practicality is a huge trend in today’s culture which is why more and more people will start turning to cork for many applications. More then just flooring, it will be used for wall coverings which will help with sound but also create warmth and practicality into a space.

Wood: In the past 10 years, many people have turned away from wooden elements and have gone towards painted cabinetry and trim, but wood is making a comeback. Instead of painted elements, semi-transparent stains are becoming very popular, this allows the wood grain to show through the color. You will start to see more and more spaces with natural wood tones. People are turning toward a more warm and comfortable space.

Terracotta: Warm elements such as terracotta will replace current popular cool and white tones. People are rein-visioning terracotta in a new way such as feature walls in bathrooms and fireplaces. Rather than the border tiles used in the 80’s.

Dark Green: Rich greens will take over the midnight blues. It is a great compliment to tan leather, furs, brass, and natural linens. It also adds a sense of depth and brings in colors from the outdoors. Again all following the upcoming trend of warm, comfortable spaces with natural elements.


Escapism: A place to retrieve from our increasingly technological lives will become more and more popular in living spaces. People are no longer looking for big open concept spaces, but more for small areas where they can get away.

What’s Out:

Copper and Rose Gold: Materials that are more industrial such as black steel, oil rubbed bronze, and burnished metals, will take over the bright copper and gold tones currently used in many homes.

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Marble: The cool crisp look of marble will start to phase out with more warm, raw, earthy textures such as, cork, wood, and clay.

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Quote Artwork: You’ve seen them 100 times, they’re cliche and appear childish. Personal, eclectic artwork will start to make a bigger appearance in homes.

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Subway Tiles: Been there. Done that. They were used an as easy, inexpensive back splash but now is in everyone’s homes. Back splash’s with multiple textures and visual interest will be the new popular trend.

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