Welcome to March! I know we are not the only one's looking forward to this nasty weather making its way out of here. I think we are all ready for a "real spring" and all of the amazing re-birth that takes place. In an effort to re-brand the blog, we are changing the format a little bit. We are going to start offering you, the customer, a view into our every-day rather than just the same old thing every month. We hope this fresh, new approach will show you the in's and out's of our awesome, small company!

So what is new with us, you ask?! A whole lot actually! We are closing in on a year in our new showroom and we are finally getting settled in. We will always be making small tweaks and improvements, but it is nice to have this space to inspire people. 

The new space has allowed us to better display our long-time products and new ones, some of which you can see in the photos included in this post. We just added a new Doug Fir Timber Frame Display, modeled by Doug, which shows some of what we get into with custom timber frame and truss work. In addition to our Truss Display, we added a new product line called Old Wood Surfacing, which we are very excited about. Our mill takes new lumber and can apply three different weathered textures to create a timeless look, whether it be to 1x/2x material or large beams. The possibilities are endless! Lastly, our wood shop is all caught up and creating new, custom furniture pieces daily, all of which are on display and available for purchase in our showroom. Choose an already made piece or work with our designers on a piece of your own!

March Promotional Items

We have some great deals and featured items this month that we are excited to share with you. First, we are doing a SPECIAL BOX PRICE on our signature Versawood, a 100% reclaimed, Pure Michigan barn wood product that is cleaned, de-nailed, rip/end cut, and packaged in 26.8 Sq. Foot units for wall and ceiling applications. Mention PROMO CODE "HT19" to get your box for $189.99 during the month of March!

Our other featured item is our newest line of cabinetry, Showplace. From their species list, to door styles, finishes, and upgrades, it is hard to classify them as "semi-custom". Their offering is outstanding and we are very excited to show this new brand off/use their product in your new kitchen. Stop by and talk with our talented team at Sweet Magnolia Design about how you can use Showplace Cabinetry on your next project!

(Image Courtesy of Showplace Cabinetry)