On the Homestead - April Issue

Happy April, everyone! Hopefully you have not been "fooled" yet and we are hoping the same goes for us as the weather continues to break. Busy season is here as far as projects are concerned and we have a whole lot going on in Marne with all of our companies.

First things first, we are thankful that spring has come early, which means that having deck and siding stain on hand is important. Being dealers in both TWP (Total Wood Preservative) and Sashco stain products, we have been proactive and expect to be fully stocked on all of the stain you will need to do decks, fences, siding, etc. within the next two weeks. If you have a more immediate need, do not fret! We have reserves that are ready to go right now. 

In addition to loading up on stain, FenceRow Furniture and our Building Crew have continued to crank out pieces for our customers/showroom and work on other projects/installs. New project lead times for FenceRow are getting into the 4-6 week mark, but we would love for you to stop in and talk with one of the talented Sweet Magnolia designers about getting a custom piece made or a new kitchen/bath/remodel project started (see pictures below). In addition to the installs, our Building Crew is working on a She-Shed concept, which will be available for sale upon completion (see picture below). Keep a look out for all updates on our social media pages!

Lastly, Sweet Magnolia Design hosted a "Build Your Own Centerpiece" event during business hours at the Homestead Timbers showroom on Thursday, April 11th. Customers brought their own trays/wood boxes or purchase one from us, filling it with some of the great home decor items we have for custom center pieces. We had a nice little turn out and we are looking forward to holding more events like this in our awesome space.

Thank you for your continued support in everything we do and please feel free to give us a call, shoot us an email, or come on out to the showroom. We would love to help you make your project vision a reality.

-The Homestead Team