Many people think to have a log cabin you have to start from scratch and build from the ground up, but that just isn't the case anymore. You can get that rustic raw look in your own home by just changing up the decor and replacing the dry for wood paneling! wood paneling This example pictured above has wooden paneling on the sloped ceiling which draws your eyes upward while the barn wood mantle on the stone fireplace ties the look together for a primitive getaway without leaving your home! (BTW we ALSO have mantles like this available!!) white-hallway-r-x Or another option if the dark raw wood isn't really your style but you like that "cottage" feel, These old wood floors were painted white, same with the walls, to give it that antique coastal vibe.  Completely changes the appearance of a room or house without changing the entire structure! Great idea for a cottage or beach house! weathered-cedar-paneling-corner-perspective-flag-pillow-1 You may even have an 'outdated' wood paneled room that you don't like but combined with a white or cream colored crown molding, furniture and  neutral decor (or even add a pop of color!) you can transform that space into the rustic retreat it was at one point meant to be (but failed miserably at beforehand lol) There are many different ways to update the interior of your house without going through complete teardowns and renovations. Stop by Homestead today for Ideas and Suggestions!!!