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Ordering log siding can be quite the process, but don’t fret we are here to help you! One of our log siding specialists would be happy to help you through these steps. With our guidance we hope that you find the process simple and painless. Have questions? Let us know! You can give us a call at 616-677-5262 during normal business hours or click on our contact page to drop us a message.

Well let’s get into it! 

Log siding

The first step in ordering log siding is to decide what material, texture, and size you want.  We offer White Cedar and White Pine log siding. Both have their pros and cons. The main pros for White Cedar is the durability and longevity of the product as well as being more insulating. This is our most premium log siding. The main con for White Cedar is the cost. Being a premium product, it comes at a premium price. The main pros for White Pine is that it is more economical and has more availability with larger sizes. The main con is that it can take more maintenance to keep in prime condition. This is because unlike Cedar, Pine is not naturally resistant to rot and insects.  There are two texture options, smooth and hewn. These are available for both White Cedar and White Pine. We offer our White Cedar in 2”x6”, 3”x6” and 3”x8”. Our White Pine is offered in 2”x8”, 3”x8” and 3”x10”.

We offer our log siding with a stock profile but we are also able to do custom profiles to match existing log siding. 

View our log siding here!

Next you need to calculate the amount of square footage needed to complete your project. For each surface that the log siding will be on, you will need to measure the length and width of the surface and multiply them together. Move to the next surface and repeat this process. Add up the square footage for all your surfaces. With your total square footage you will be able to calculate the amount of lineal feet you need by using our conversion chart featured below! (Or one of our knowledgeable staff members can do this for you.) Depending on which profile you choose, there will be a corresponding conversion factor on the chart. 

White Pine and White Cedar Log siding

For example, you want our 2x8 White Pine siding and figure out that you need 1,200 square feet of material to cover all your surfaces. You take this 1,200 and multiply it by 1.78 (from the chart) to get 2,136 lineal feet. We recommend you add 5-10% waste to ensure you have enough material for your project. So adding an extra 10% to 2,136 brings it up to 2,350. Take this and multiply it by the price, which for our 2x8 White Pine is $1.99 per lineal foot. This makes the cost $4,676.5. 

If you’re not quite sure if you’re doing it correctly, feel free to take advantage of our friendly and knowledgeable staff! Give us a call at 616-677-5262. One of our log siding specialists will be glad to walk you through this process. 

Homestead Timbers Conversion Chart

(Conversion Chart)


As far as getting your log siding pre-finishing we are pleased to announce a brand new program with the world's leading log stain manufacturer, Sashco. The program is called Start Right, with it you will get a three to five year warranty on your stain and a personal log home expert throughout the process. Click here to check out Sashco's website.

We will work will you to ensure you get the best possible results for pre-finishing your log siding.

Get in touch with us to speak to one of our log siding experts! 616-677-5262

Step two is choosing what corners you want. At Homestead Timbers we have several outside corner options available. Our most popular and most economical option is the vertical log corner. We offer them in both eight foot and 10 foot lengths. These corners are simply screwed to the corner of your home. Once the corner is installed you simply put the log siding up against the corner and install. The second option for corners is called a butt and pass, these will give you the traditional log home look. These are available on a special order basis because they are made to match your profile. You can choose from rounded or square to get the look you want. With butt and pass corners there is a few weeks lead time so you need to plan ahead if this is the option you want. The third option is a more economical butt and pass option. It is a White Cedar or White Pine block that we cut to match your siding and you screw it to the back on the siding as you let each piece overhang the corner.  If you choose to go with our Appalachian log siding then you may want to consider our dovetail corners. Which are a special corner only for our adze/Appalachian log siding. View our corners and trims here!

Butt and Pass

(Our butt and Pass corners)


Dovetail Corners

(Our dovetail corners)

Step three is door and window trim. We have several styles of trim to choose from a 2”x5”, a 3”x5”, and a 3”x4” D trim are all very popular as well as you could just use a 2x4” in the pine or cedar if you’re looking for a very economical option. We typically keep these all in-stock in eight and 10 foot sections. Simply measured the perimeter around all your doors and windows in round up to the nearest eight or 10 foot piece. Tally the total and you will have the total number of pieces needed to trim out your log sided home.

That is the basics to ordering what you need to put log siding up! We understand that it can be a little overwhelming, but that is why we're here! Let one of our log siding specialists walk you through the process and get you headed down the right road.

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