What do you picture when I say “cottage” or “cottage style”? Painted cabinets and rose printed curtains? A brick exterior with a cozy porch adorned with wild flowers and rocking chairs? Brightly colored painted tongue and groove paneled walls with a white tongue and groove ceiling? Rustic wood floors with creamy white walls accented with a collection of rustic or industrial furniture pieces? Cottage style offers a broader range of decorating alternatives than any other style.


The option to decorate using cottage style allows you to unite your diverse taste into a cozy, functional, and timeless area that you love to relax and celebrate in. Many decorating styles, once completed are just that, completed. There isn’t a lot of wiggle room. However, the wide range of cottage styles allows you to constantly change, adding new pieces that you find interesting. Whether it is new pieces, or new to you pieces found at vintage sales, thrift stores, or garage sales, you can easily combine old and new, wood and steel, fine works and even finer works of art. (You know, the ones from the kids in your life.) Cottage style is about combining what you love without worrying about conforming. It makes your home uniquely you.

Modern Rustic

Here at Homestead Timbers, along with our sister company, Fence Row Furniture we offer the foundation of cottage style living. Wood beams, wood floors, tongue and groove paneling, posts, railings, and reclaimed barn wood furniture sets the tone of the cottage style you are seeking. All that is left is for you to fill it with your décor pieces. We even have design services if you need a little help getting your ideas off the ground! Stop by to get inspired! 

Ceiling Beams