Composite decking has become a vast sea of options when considering products for your new or updated deck.  Composite decking consists of the widest variety of options in colors, styles and brands in all decking materials. The definition of a composite decking material is a man-made building product that includes an approximate equal mix of recycled wood fibers and recycled plastic.  It is because of its very composition of the product that makes composite decking so durable and highly resistant to rot, and in turn, results in a much longer lifespan compared to treated wood decks.  The extended lifespan coupled with the low maintenance make a product that is rising in popularity. The NyloDeck story starts with a product that is most likely already found under your feet, inside your home.  NyloDeck is made from 100% recycled carpet fiber.  So, by definition, NyloDeck is not a composite, it is a new generation of decking material, completely different and better in every aspect.  In what possible ways could it be better than composite decking, you might ask? Nylodeck Pic 1 For starters, NyloDeck is made from 100% inorganic material, meaning that insects would rather starve than eat it, also water and moisture have no effect on it what so ever, and it will not mold or mildew.  You can even mount NyloDeck underwater, as seen in the picture below. Pic 6 NyloDeck is extremely lightweight at only 1.6 pounds per linear foot compared to an industry average of about 2.5 pounds per linear foot in composite decking.  Besides the obvious point that it is easier to carry when installing, think of the literal weight off the “shoulders” of your home over time. Also, NyloDeck’s lightweight is a true testament to its strength.  Composite decking on the market today has the strength to span only 16” on center supports, NyloDeck however spans 24” on center supports.  This does a few things for you including saving you money on your substructure, as it is less material.  Next, it further lightens the load on your home, if it is an attached deck.  Finally, making the switch from wood is much easier since you will not need to add any support. Pic 7 Due to the high heat and intense pressure at which NyloDeck is formed it is more dimensionally stable and heat, impact, and scratch resistant than composite decking.  Speaking of resistances, NyloDeck also comes with a peace of mind warranty that states it will not fade or stain in 25 years, as well as a 25 year limited residential warranty. Pic 5 On top of all these great qualities, NyloDeck is sourced and made in the great U.S.A., the city of Covington, Georgia to be exact.  If you are exploring the world of composite decking, it would be wise to consider the new generation of decking for your exterior entertaining needs. Pic 2 To recap: NyloDeck is…
  • A unique, next generation decking that possesses the best material properties of all composites combined
  • Stronger than any 1” composite deck board on the market
  • Impervious to moisture, mold, mildew, and termites
  • A peace of mind; with a 25-Year Fade and Stain Warranty on top of a 25-Year Limited Residential Warranty
  • Extensively tested and proven for high performance
  • The only decking that uses recycled carpet fiber for unmatched strength and durability
  • Competitively priced with premium composite decking materials
NyloDeck is NOT…
  • A wood-plastic composite, a PVC product, or a cap stock product
  • Just another decking product; NyloDeck represents an entirely new class of decking materials
  • Going to swell, warp, rot, or be eaten by termites
  • Be affected by changes in temperature; NyloDeck has the best expansion and contraction rating of all composites
  • High maintenance; it is simple to clean and will stay beautiful for years and years
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