Homestead Timbers is debuting a chance to see what goes into building a log cabin kit from reclaimed lumber.  In this series we will get a first hand telling from the Kluting family walking us through what goes into the making of a log cabin from the ground up and ending with the making of the maple syrup process.  The Kluting family is erecting the log cabin as a structure to produce maple syrup along with countless memories with their children, family, and friends.  The series is aptly named "Sugar Shackin' with the Klutings," and the first episode covers the story behind the materials, site selection, and the start of the structure.  

We sincerely hope you enjoy watching this series as much as we did making it.  For more information on any of the products used in the video call Homestead Timbers at 616-677-5262 or click on the links below.  Thank you. View other Log Cabin Kits Learn more about our Reclaimed Lumber