As you may or may not be aware, Homestead Timbers is a small company with a total of four people in the office and run by a family. So we thought it may be a good idea to showcase some of our many products as well as put a spot light on the people who make Homestead run. Here they are with a little list of their favorite things that Homestead sells.   Phil Cranmer
Phil: Log Siding. Phil says,"There are many different sizes and species of wood to make it out of and so many different uses for it; new construction for a log home, replace siding on any house and turn it into a log home, or maybe make that really cool man cave with log walls." IMG_0348
Phil specializes in Nationwide Sales and has been with Homestead since 1998 and the building industry since 1972.     Stacy Bockheim
Stacy: Reclaimed lumber. Stacy says, "It's nice to be able to reuse it and has endless possibilities." barn conversion int
Stacy is our Office Manager/Accounting Department. She has been with Homestead Timbers since 2013.     Joe Kluting
Joe: Reclaimed lumber. Joe says, "It has character and uniqueness that cannot be duplicated exactly. Ghostwood is great- close to mimicking the reclaimed lumber. Barnwood has so much potential to take something old, dusty and dirty and turn it into a masterpiece. Whether using is for furniture, paneling, siding or doors, the possibilities are endless." HT barn conversion ext BEFORE
Joe is the Owner /Operator of Homestead Timbers and has been running things since 2013. He has a Bachelors of Science in Construction Management from Michigan State Univeristy.     Mike Schultz
Mike: Ghostwood. Mike says "Ghostwood is perfect for the customers looking for a rustic look in their home. With the color selection that mimics the barn wood look, its a quality product that everyone likes. Easy to install it also saves on time and labor to give their living space a makeover. When compared to the real barn wood application most people see the value in going to the Ghostwood product." new ghostwood picture
Mike specializes in Sales at Homestead Timbers and has been in the building industry since 1976. He joined Homestead Timbers in 2013.   Look for our sister company, Fence Row Furniture's post on their blog, with their favorites!