5 Ways to Remodel Your Wood Deck This Summer

A beautiful and fresh deck is the perfect way to add value and enjoyment to your home this summer. Here we look at five ideas to upgrade and remodel your wood deck at home: source environmentally-friendly and high-quality wood, extend your space, frame views and paths, accessorize your deck and incorporate decorative decking patterns.

  1. Environmentally-friendly & Quality Wood

The first key to a great contemporary and green wood deck design is sourcing environmentally friendly quality wood. Sustainable softwoods when treated are durable, low-maintenance and versatile. This modified wood is now available with the properties and dark color of traditional hardwood but produced with a lower carbon footprint.

When selecting your wood, look for a high-quality timber by studying the grain, texture, and consistency of the decking boards. Look for long and straight boards, with little warping and bowing in both directions. Check for consistent and straight wood grain and color, with fewer knots and twists along the boards.

We would all prefer to enjoy the deck rather than spend time maintaining it, so select a sustainable timber, which only needs annual cleaning as maintenance. Research a timber which will slowly silver and develop a beautiful rich patina over time, rather than one which needs constant finishing and attention.

  1. Extend Your Space

A great way to remodel your current deck is to give yourself a bit of extra space to enjoy. Plan out your favorite outdoor activities to figure out how much decking space you need. Think about space around your grill, maybe a fire-pit and chill out zone separated from a more formal dining area and bar. For your pool deck, how many lounge chairs will you be relaxing on over the summer? Zone out areas for catching the morning sun, and retreating or relaxing in the shade.

If you have a sloping block, think about levels and priorities - dining areas are best at the same level as the kitchen, fire pits and areas to relax are great when they are slightly separated or secluded up or down a few steps. After you have figured out your different areas, design your deck as a series of sleek terraces and zones to enjoy. 

  1. Frame Views & Paths

Wood paths are a great alternative to concrete, tiles, bricks and other materials that suck in and hold onto heat during summer becoming uncomfortable underfoot. Wood remains cooler and softer in the sun and the shade. Decide whether your style is curvier or straight and plan paths between your home and pool or other features in your landscape.


Sharp borders around patches of square, rectangular or even circular lawn look fantastic, as well as mini nooks, notches and arbors to take a seat, are a great way to highlight and frame your favorite areas. If you have great views, a drop-off at the edge of a cliff, or a neighboring forest, think about creating a deck that celebrates the edge and transition between the manicured and the wild.

  1. Accessorize with Matching Materials

Wood decking is extremely versatile and can be cut or planned into all kinds of shapes. Make the most out of your material by accessorizing your deck with matching built in benches and seats, you can even add steps, terraces, fencing, bars and tables out of the same material giving a sleek warm and contemporary finish while saving on additional maintenance and trades.

If you need extra shade and a bit protection from the elements, think about a matching pergola or simple timber arbor to enhance your deck. Additionally, one never has enough storage for those outrageous pool toys, extra outdoor pillows, and seat covers - wooden bench seats with hinged doors on one side, or hinged lids are great for hiding all your extra stuff.

  1. Decorative & Versatile Patterns

A fun way to make the most out of the versatility of wood decking is to think about the pattern of the boards and endless possibilities by simply changing the direction of your decking boards to create a different look. Often it's nice to switch the direction of the boards around the edge of your deck, at a handrail or set of stairs to create a border. One or three boards rotated ninety degrees makes a sleek edge. Alternately, mix up standard straight decking, with a feature chevron or oversized herringbone pattern in the layout of the decking boards. Diagonal decking can look fantastic and contemporary, against a straight edged home adding warmth, texture and a bit of fun.

Summer calls for a fresh start, enjoying the garden, dusting off the grill, uncovering the pool and provides a great opportunity to remodel your deck. If you own a wood deck at home and considering a remodel, these design ideas will definitely bring your wood deck to life.