Deer Antler Chandeliers

If you’ve always wanted an deer antler chandelier, we make it affordable!

Check our antler discount prices.

W-12 Antler Lighting – $462
Homestead Timbers offers DISCOUNTED PRICES on Deer Antler Chandelier products!

Cast Horn Designs Antler Chandelier’s are made in the USA and are shipped direct to you. They are UL Listed and meet the highest standards of safety and performance. If you are looking for the “Original Cast Horn Antler Chandelier” and not a low-quality, unsafe counterfeit, you have found the right place.

04a-MEM-Mouse-European-Mount-260x195 04a-DOXYRL-Double-Ox-Yoke-Rustic-Lanterns-260x195
Whitetail Deer Antler Chandelier
Whitetail Deer Antler Chandelier - 9 point

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Cast Horns Prices
Product #DescriptionItem Price(Freight Not Included)
WW-SWagon Wheel – small$399.00
WW-SDLWagon Wheel Chandelier W6/DL$399.00
WW-LWagon Wheel – large$499.00
WW-LDLWagon Wheel Chandelier W7/DL$499.00
Whitetail Deer Antler Chandeliers & Lamps
W-1SWhitetail 1 Antler Wall Sconce$98.00
W-2SWhitetail 2 Antler Wall Sconce$129.00
W2-LWhitetail 2 Antler Table Lamp$179.00
W-3LWhitetail 3 Antler Table Lamp$209.00
W-6Whitetail 6 Antler Chandelier$299.00
W-6DLWhitetail 6 Antler Chandelier W/DL$349.00
W-9Whitetail 9 Antler Chandelier$439.00
W-9DLWhitetail 9 Antler Chandelier W/ Down light$489.00
W-9CWhitetail 9 Antler Cascade Chandelier$439.00
W-9CDLWhitetail 9 Antler Cascade Chandelier/ WDL$489.00
W-10DL (3)Whitetail 19 Antler Chandelier W/3DL (oblong)$499.00
W-12Whitetail 12 Antler Chandelier$449.00
W-12DLWhitetail 12 Antler Chandelier W/DL$499.00
W-12CWhitetail 12 Antler Cascade Chandelier$449.00
W-12CDLWhitetail 12 Antler Cascade Chandelier W/DL$499.00
W-21CWhitetail 21 Antler Cascade Chandelier W/DL$849.00
W-21CDLWhitetail 21 Antler Cascade Chandelier W/DL$899.00
Other Antler Chandeliers
M-4Moose Antler Chandelier – 4 antlers$599.00
E-SetElk Set European Mount$219.00
M-SetAlaskan Moose European Mount$249.00
D6Mule Deer Antler Chandelier – 6 antlers$399.00
D9Mule Deer Antler Chandelier – 9 antlers$409.00
** Freight not included in price **